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As the designated “Home” team playing in a primetime, nationally televised game, I have a hunch the Ducks will be sporting their traditional colors. This, coupled with instructions to “Wear Green” from the new color schedule- My Uniform Prediction is Yellow-Green-Green (Helmet-Jersey-Pants)

Helmet: Yellow w/ Silver Wings 2.0, Apple Green O

Jersey: Apple Green w/ Yellow Accents

Pants: Apple Green w/ Yellow Swoosh, O, and Accents

Furthering my hunch, Last week the Ducks released THESE new Yellow and Green Vapor Edge 360 cleats to be worn in the game. And then just today The College Football Hall of Fame tweeted THIS, confirming the Yellow Helmets and Green Jerseys. So Yellow Helmets and Green Jerseys are a lock, but what color pants will we see come Saturday?

*Disclaimer* The screenshot below is from the “Mix & Match Machine” by Jonah Henderson. Click the link to see more of Jonah’s amazing work and give him a follow on Twitter: @JonahNHenderson