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As the 2021 season came to an end, Ducks Football left the door open for a few possible new looks we might see next year. Here is a quick prediction for four new uniform elements we could see in 2022.

1. New Nightmare Green Jersey – This is a lock. We saw new gen Nightmare Green pants in the PAC-12 Championship vs Utah. There has to be a matching jersey, right?

2. New Black Jersey – The Black Jersey we saw last year really belonged in the previous uniform generation(2018-2020) was it just a place holder as the new Black Jerseys weren’t ready yet?

3. 1999-2002 Throwbacks – Everybody wants to see it. We haven’t worn a throwback uniform since 2016, so we’re definitely over do. C’mon, Nike. (Just Do It)

4. New Nightmare Green Gradient Helmet – This one is just a guess, but the Green to Yellow gradient style we saw on the Satin Green Helmets in 2021 might look just as good on the Nightmare Green Helmet.

Is this the year we see a 1999-2002 Throwback uniform?